March 27 - May 1, 2023

Mondays, 11am-1:30pm PT
Virtual via Zoom

Join Tracy Busse in this six-week course for soul companions to learn about the core elements of Polyvagal Theory and Ignatian Prayer. You will learn strategies for integrating the two approaches while operating from a trauma-informed lens.

Each session will include an experiential component, teaching, discussion, and strategies to use when walking alongside others.

The goal of integrating these approaches is to offer individuals trauma-informed strategies to encounter God’s love while experiencing deeper intimacy with God, self, and others.

Your Guide

Instructor Tracy Busse

Tracy Busse’s life and work have fueled an ongoing desire to move in harmony with the Trinity and to create spaces where all can encounter intimacy with God. Tracy is a writer, teacher, counselor, and spiritual director. For over eighteen years, she has provided therapy to children and adult survivors of trauma and human trafficking. She also provides consultation and training to a variety of organizations who serve leaders and marginalized populations. Continued growth in Kingdom life and integrating God’s love and presence into her work are the heart of her practice. In addition, Tracy is currently working on a doctorate in Spiritual Direction at Fuller Theological Seminary, which offered the opportunity to enjoy a 30-day Ignatian Retreat. The fruit of this experience continues to grow and reveal greater depths of God’s love and abundant grace. With the belief that God is in all things, Tracy finds delight on her paddleboard, hiking, playing the guitar, painting, traveling, and resting in the company of fellow image-bearers.

Course curriculum

    1. A Note from Tracy

    2. Zoom Link for All Sessions

    3. Resources

    1. Zoom Session: March 27, 11-12:30am PT

    2. Practice and Homework from Week 1

    3. TIC PVT and Ignatian

    1. Zoom Session: April 3, 11-12:30am PT

    2. TIC PVT and Ignatian

    3. Practice and Homework from Week 2

    4. Personal Profile Map

    1. Zoom Session: April 10, 11-12:30am PT

    2. Power Point Week 3

    3. Week 3 Homework

    1. Zoom Session: April 17, 11-12:30am PT

    2. Week for Power Point (PDF)

    3. Practice for Week 4

    1. Zoom Session: April 24,11-12:30am PT

    2. A Long Loving Look at the Real

About this course

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