October 5 - 26, Tuesdays; 1:30-3pm PT

4-Week Virtual Course

Do you wonder how to meet all the expectations placed on you in ministry? Or how to live the abundant life that is promised as you walk alongside others?

If so, join in on a 4-Week Virtual Course

An interactive course for ministry leaders who want to develop practices for sustainable ministry. This course will include four sessions, each with time for teaching, reflection, and sharing with others. Session 1 will center on identity as a starting point for our life and ministry. Session 2 will seek to cultivate an awareness of the present rhythms that are shaping us. Session 3 will offer ways to set intentions for new rhythms. Session 4 will allow us to reflect on our journey. Together we will share our experiences and collective wisdom to find ways to remain more deeply rooted in God as we minister to others.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Session One // Identity: Beginning as Beloved

    • Zoom Session #1 - October 5, 1:30-3pm PT

    • Teaching - Mark 1

    • Practice - Remembering Your Story

  • 2

    Session Two // Awareness: Recognizing Rhythms

    • Zoom Session #2 - October 12, 1:30-3pm PT

    • Teaching - Genesis 1

    • Practice - Praying Your Calendar

  • 3

    Session Three // Intention: Developing Devotion

    • Zoom Session #3 - October 19, 1:30-3pm PT

    • Teaching - Mark 12:30

    • Practice - Rule of Life

  • 4

    Session Four // Benediction: Sending One Another

    • Zoom Session #4 - October 26, 1:30-3pm PT

    • Teaching - Ephesians 3:14-21

    • Practice - Sharing and Blessing

Your Guide


Drew Dixon

Drew Dixon is a minister and spiritual director (in training) in Auburn, WA who longs to serve and shape the church through teaching, spiritual formation, and pastoral care. He enjoys slow mornings, scenic walks, deep conversations, watching films, reading fantasy, history, and spiritual writings, and spending time with his wife, Katelyn. You can find Drew’s writing and teaching and connect with him on his website: https://drewldixon.com/