April 17, 2023

Virtual Session: Monday, 4-6pm PT

Have you wondered about the Enneagram and how it could help you in your life journey?

Join Narrative Enneagram Teacher Alicia Divers as we explore the 9 Types of the Enneagram.

This class is for enneagram beginners who want to walk away with a broad understanding of the enneagram as a typing system and a tool for growing in self-awareness and deepening your ability to map your inner landscape.

This workshop will explore each of the nine types and how they shop up in the world through motivations, focus of attention, behavior patterns, communication style, vices, and virtues in the context of moving towards compassionate understanding in ourselves and others.

You don't need to know your enneagram type to attend.

*This part of course is optional. However, if you are interested in an individualized typing session, I offer 50-minute typing interviews for $75. You can book one here. https://somatic-spirituality.com/enneagram-test. There are also several free online tests available online.

Your Guide

Instructor Alicia Divers

Alicia Divers is a Spiritual Director and Enneagram Guide with more than fifteen years of pastoral ministry and organizational leadership. Alicia was one of the founding pastors of a church plant in Houston, Texas, while championing others to leverage their gifts and talents to impact their local and global world through activism and service. Alicia considers herself a part of the Christian tradition and currently is on staff at an ecumenical inter-denominational church in Chelsea, Manhattan.

As a contemplative activist, Alicia's passion for healing the world fuels her to come alongside others to foster emotional growth and wellness in individuals and groups. She considers herself a 'forever student,' eager to build on her full-time ministry career experience and her academic studies in sociology, theology, and intercultural studies, which now include certifications in Spiritual Direction, the Narrative Enneagram, and Somatic Attachment Therapy. Alicia desires to help people attune to their inner life to heal themselves so they can heal the world.