Oct. 13, 2022

Thursday, at 11am-12:30pm PT
Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Join Irene for a 1.5- hour experiential. Early theologians spoke of two sacred books which reveal God to us. The book of scripture and the book of nature.

We’ll note the research concerning well-being and time spent in natural surroundings, engage in a nature-based prayer practice and share together from the wisdom of our experience.

*Please note, this workshop is a part of the Incarnate faith series on cultivating connection with Divine love through physical practice.

Your Guide


Irene Dunlop

Irene’s fascination with how we, as embodied humans, experience the flow of divine love motivates her work. Irene is an artist, writer, yoga instructor, former pastor and current spiritual director. Injuries sustained in car accidents, necessitated a healing journey through which she encountered Iyengar yoga. As a practitioner for 10+ years, Irene found herself exploring the tensions between the embodiment she experienced in her physical yoga practice and her mostly thought-centered faith— both illuminated the holy. This exploration led her to Richard Rohr’s Living School. Study of the mystics and embodied spiritual practice continues to draw her toward a more fully integrated sense of self, spiritual and physical. Ascribing to the belief that God is revealed in all things, Irene delights in her family, faith community, creating with flowers, food, fabric and paint, hiking, sailing the Salish sea, and hot cups of ginger tea.