A 4-Week Course

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Do you feel called to walk the vocational role of a spiritual director but are uncertain of how to follow through? Are you either pursuing your certificate or have already received it, but now what? How do we be faithful to our vocational call and pay our rent? These are good questions. In this independent course, we will host the conversation with some experts in the field. In an introductory seminar-style approach, we will discuss how to navigate the practical nuts and bolts of forming your own spiritual direction practice. We will talk about how to define spiritual direction in an easy to use short description usable on your site and in brief conversations when others ask what you do. In addition, we will talk about business entities, websites, business cards, taglines, scheduling tools, ethics, fees and accounting, networking, and self-care.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Forming A Spiritual Direction Practice

  • 2

    Week One | Intention

    • Week One Message from Kathi

    • Interview with Seasoned Directors - What is Spiritual Direction?

    • Creating an elevator speech of your role as a spiritual director.

    • Check Out Some Websites of Vocational Spiritual Directors

    • Describe Your Intention of Being a Spiritual Director

    • Articles, Books, and Resources

    • What Questions Arise for You this Week?

  • 3

    Week Two | Framework

    • Week Two Message from Kathi

    • Interview with Seasoned Directors - What is Your Approach to Spiritual Direction?

    • Organizational Structures

    • What about Liability Insurance?

    • Budgeting - What are your needs?

    • Website Platforms

    • What Questions or Thoughts Arise for You This Week?

  • 4

    Week Three | Support

    • Week Three Message from Kathi

    • Interview with Seasoned Directors - How do You Support Yourself in this Vocational Ministry?

    • What Can You Do and What Do You Need to Have Someone Else Do?

    • Richard Foster's Take On Money

    • Business Card Sites

    • Helpful Tools and Resources

    • What Questions or Thoughts Arise for You This Week?

  • 5

    Week Four | Practical Aspects and Ethical Considerations

    • Week Four Message from Kathi

    • Interview with Seasoned Directors - What Other Wisdom to You Have to Share?

    • Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork...

    • Networking - Let's Share Ideas!

    • Bookkeeping and Taxes

    • Sacred is the Call

    • Please Take a Moment and Fill Out our Evaluation Form

Your Guide


Kathi Gatlin

Kathi Gatlin founded Boldly Loved and co-founded the Companioning Center to bring together her two greatest passions: spiritual formation and teaching. In this, she utilizes her DMin. in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Portland Seminary and her M.Ed. earned through George Fox University. Her greatest joy is walking alongside others, individually and in groups, in their own spiritual journey, sharing ways of understanding God anew through contemplative prayer and teaching, and to see them grow in the depth of their own understanding of who God is and who they are in relationship with God. Kathi is a spiritual director, writer, spiritual formation group facilitator, retreat speaker, leadership mentor, and adjunct professor at George Fox University. For more information about Kathi, check out boldlyloved.org.