We offer a variety of opportunities, from 4 hours, to 3 months, to 2 years and everything in between! We’re always adding new avenues to go deeper and develop a heart to listen deeply to ourselves, God, and those we walk alongside. Particularly if you are vocationally engaged in soul companioning, feel called to embark on training, or need help to discern your next steps, we would love to welcome you as a companion.
We are intentional to offer interactive and engaging experiences. Each experience includes personal interaction with an experienced spiritual formation instructor and utilizes small group interaction in a safe and sacred space. We tend to learn as much from each other through our experience together, as we do with those guiding us.

Join Us For Deeper Learning

Companioning Community

Would you like to join in conversation & share resources with other soul companions?

Short Formational Experiences

Are you wanting to engage in an experience but are limited in time?

Spiritual Formation Courses

Longer courses to walk alongside you as you grow in both self-awareness and God-awareness.

Continuing Education

Join us in learning additional resources as you walk alongside others, regardless of your companioning role.

Spiritual Director Training Program

Are you interested in a formational spiritual direction training program?

Spiritual Direction Supervision Program

Join a year-long cohort-based supervision training program. Applications open for 2023 cohort in October 2022

What Others Are Saying...



I am so grateful for Katie's class. It has been life-changing for me. From the beginning life-giving to see so much more of me, and it brought a deeper "knowing" of Father God's heart for me. It is truly opportunity discussions together with Katie and the other women took it to a deeper level--I found it so helpful to have a place to process what I was experiencing. I had an online, I wanted to pour everything into this experience because I wanted it to be more than just another class to take, but a new way of living in the freedom Jesus came to give.



Thank you for providing a safe platform for conversation and a chance to gain insight into what is going on inside of ourselves and others. A real eye opener!

Transformational & Healing


The Experiencing God course offers one the opportunity to open their heart and mind to truly see God's deep love for them. It is a time of transformation and healing for the one taking the course if that is what they truly desire.

Unique and Life-giving


I've studied the Enneagram for years, but this class is unlike anything I have experienced before. The focus on wholeness and our active participation in integration was unique and life-giving. I appreciate Katie's ability to ask good questions that take me deeper and challenge me to think more broadly. I loved this class!

Rhythm of Life


Each week you made me feel comfortable. I would recommend others who are not taking the time to either spend with God or to get away from the day to day grind to take the Creating a Rhythm of Life class and begin to find their rhythm for life. 



Katie Skurja is gifted in her knowledge, experience and presentation of the Enneagram. It's beautiful to see how understanding this tool helps secure our identify in Christ, and to be transformed in His likeness.